anyones modem gone off today?


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Oct 31, 2005
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after the recent ntl upgrades (mon-fri) all cloned ambits have been going down, however my clone at the moment has been working all day,
i know im tempting fate and it will probs **** up during this post lol but has anyones modem gone off today after 6AM (morning)

M8 if u dont explain to me why u tried to rip me off i will **** u up u understand i know your jon smith m8 so quit being a nonce and leave now :) why did u try to rip me off m8? seriosuly then blank my messages and also like prtend u aint here when i know full well u are :SSEXY:
rip you off, what r u talkin about....i didnt buy anything from or sell anything to u

u wanted to sell me a max and i bought one from some1 else.
M8 stop acting stupid i had u sussed 5 mins after i said i will sell u it m8 and u know exactly what i mean what took u so long to answer me then? like 3 days man and u have been active all along like.... explain urself m8ty i have reason to belive ur jon smith and i wanna know if u you are because if its true your A$$ is mine and i know i shouldnt be talking like this here but im sure i have a lot of people on my side on this one m8
I've had benny boy saying that you or me is john smith.
He's before my time.but i get the impression he was a con man.
This is getting as awkward as every day life.
Up to you mate but if you could reply to Benny boy and just say you got a max from someone.
You can tell a administrator i sold it to you if there is any more commotion.
I got to pick something up from the post office tomorrow so i should send it pretty early .
I let you know when it's gone.
from the person i bought a max from...

i really dont care who or what u think i am to be frank.
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