Anyone Wrote A Plugin For teleport Yet


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Oct 24, 2005
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Has anyone Tried to write a plugin for teleport that picks up streams that are showing and steams not showing
Not that I'm aware of. The problem with making it is the design of it - how would it function?

Firstly, there would need to be a way to display the information on-screen. A way of doing this is to pop up a message box every time something is being broadcast. But if everybody starts ordering things on Teleport, then you are constantly bombarded with message boxes which interrupt your TV viewing. It just wouldnt be efficient to do it that way.

You could do something on the infobar to notify you when something is broadcast; but where would that fit in... and how would you want to be notified?

Also it probably wouldnt be possible to show you exactly whats showing. For example, the plugin wouldnt be able to tell you what programme is being shown. Simply impossible as it would be different for every area of the UK, and the information would have been to constantly maintained by some very patient individual.

The only thing that a plugin could do is pick up WHICH streams are on, and which arent. Therefore the plugin would be extremely limited. And would probably require a complex setup menu, which some users may not be able to work with.

By all means, if somebody could come up with a design brief of the plugin then I'd certainly have a go at making one.

even if it does just pick up on which streams ae on it would be brill and save time going through 90 channels hoping theres 1 on
There's also the problem that someone else controls the stream and can pause/fast forward/reverse etc at will. Would you really want to watch that !

Also, from what I can see they haven't turned on the vod encryption system in most areas yet. When they do these streams will effectively be rendered un-decipherable unless you know the session key.