anyone selling a t911 unlooper?



lookin for one on the cheap, will pay by postal order

tailor made will to m8.............

give the guy a ring his name is mash (very helpful bloke)............

the No is 01162 698 288............
narabdela said:
Scammer! zanic111 never got that laptop.

u dont mean johnsmith do you?
just im waiting somthing from him was expecting it today but no sign of it!
i really wish u guys wouldent trade with people u dont know :(
think u can safley say m8 u have lost ur money :(
hi im new and i am looking to get a t911 to unlock my rom 11 card but then i seen a mikobu 3 will a mikobu 3 unlock a rom 11 card and is it better than the t911 can any one help plz thanx