Anyone Seen One Of These B4???



i got given a bag full of wires and odds and bobs today and this was in it (see pic) havent a clue what it is either cable or satallite related hoped one of u guys could shed some light on it for me ! any suggestions lol!

lol, I like it. It looks like one of those invisable fiber wires to me

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oops how do i upload an image???

Does this Help?

Click on edit on ya post Go Advanced scroll down to manage attachments and then it should be plain sailing (Unless the sea is rough) LoL :Jester:
yes it looks like a satelite terrestrial signal!!!!!!!!!!!stop slagging of and anser post come on people,I have not tv!!!
wot you on about m8 ? both the dogs nutts and satch has advised you wot to do.
anyone fancy writing a tut on how to post :)
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anyone fancy writing a tut on how to post :)

You'll have to do it M8 as I have no idea @ all :Jester:
Ok Ok Guys Some Of Us Dont Live In Cyber World Lol! I Have Tried Editing My Post But Dont Get Any Manage Attachments Options Either When Originally Posting Nor When Editing Maybe It B;cos I Am A Newbie! And I Aint A Newbie To Fourums So Do Know How To Post Lol

Cheers Cable & Pennyless
when u edit go to advanced this will bring up the attach set up
as u have said i have been with forums for a long while but this is new to us all
its with the new version of vb
@candp i appologise m8 , just reading thread ( properly ) . and i got u and cob ob mixed up. sorry m8 : whip :
pic attached used photobucket as it deffo dosent say manage attachments on mine when i go to advanced! maybe it needs setting up in cp or summat will take a look later!
The picture is the guts of an old frequency shifter from the days of analogue satellite. When Astra 1D went on air, lots of early boxes could not tune to the frequencies. The scart connector allowed the user to hit the tv/sat button on their remote which activated the signal wire on the scart output which in turn activated the frequency shifter and brought the 1D transmissions into the reach of the tuners on these early boxes. I used to have one of these on an Amstrad SRD400, with descrambling courtesy of Season95 running on a 286 PC. Happy days :).