anyone help with satronics

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Oct 31, 2008
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Hi guys,

Was wondering if anyone else has problems with orders from satronics, I ordered 2 500s over 2 weeks ago and still not got them, dispite speaking to them by phone and with there online support I just seem to be getting fobbed off.
They dont reply to emails either any suggestions on here before I get really mad am so frustrated with them now.................
Thanks for the fast reply its a real shame they couldnt learn more from people on the forum,

Improvements & Suggestions do not seem to be doing much good lol

maybe I will phone them again tomorrow or even have a drive to there base.
its just frustrating when they tell you they will send out items knowing that they are not going to do it, at least they could just be truthful and if they cant fulfil what they are selling they shouldnt take your hard earned cash..

Thanks everyone here.
np mate sorry you didnt see it first :(
Im going to close this thread mate as it will soon turn into a long thread like the others ;)
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