iMac anyone dual booting

anyone running windows and osx on their mac

comments please

I run vmware on my mac book m8 just for the moments it is winblows only :( but less and less now...

If you have a newer mac then use bootcamp and dual boot that way with win7 still won't look as nice though hehe
I do
I use boot camp to boot xp not into win7 so happy to use xp
It's a bit slow booting from osx to xp
Not had any trouble with running software I use
Was a bit funny with printer drivers for my printer but that was down to printer being ne and now drivers out for iMac
I m thinking of sorting out bootcamp as I nned to sort out a Dreambox800hd that i think will need the pc side to flash the dreambox or something like that, I
'm bit clueless at the moment on what i need to do with it

Hi mate
you flash the Dreambox SE via web page :)

power off box from rear press and hold in standby button on front of box, power on until you see STOP in display and box ip

open whatever url you use (safari)? enter the box IP into address bar and a page should load scroll to the button to see flash firmware
flash whatever image you decide on
open another page and flash the SSL file needed when finished you can reboot

if you need a FTP Client you can use filezilla for mac