Any Very Good 10 pin bowling games ?


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Jul 25, 2001
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AS the title says are there "Any Very Good 10 pin bowling games ?" around (for pc).

I personally dont like games like bowling on the pc, always found them kinda crap, but its the other half, she loves taking the nieces n nephews to the real 10 pin bowling plus shes had a go at 10 pin on the nintendo wii, says its great, LOL, anyway.

So, to keep her happy I said I would try and find out if theres any very good ones for the pc, I tried some of the free trial ones that are available online etc, but to me they are crap, stupid little small picture in middle of screen etc, garbage....

Anyway, you gamers out there must have a good idea whats best ??? I dont mind paying for the game (cough,cough,lol), although if there is a free one worth a look then I'll have a wee looky looky.

Appreciate it chaps.....:)