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Any Horse racing buffs on here?

Discussion in 'Betting and Tips' started by shaun127, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. shaun127

    shaun127 VIP Member

    I remember a Horse winning a hurdle race at Cheltenham festival in the early to mid 80's I'm trying to find out details of race , date, other placed runners Jockeys etc, The Horse was called "Our Louise" , The Horse later died at a meeting at Kelso

    Thanks for looking
  2. Darklordsbane

    Darklordsbane Member

    Do you know what year in the 80's
  3. Darklordsbane

    Darklordsbane Member

    looked for the results but cant get back as far as 1980's suggest you contact Cheltenham they probably have a link to thier achives
    Contact Us | Cheltenham Festival
  4. maxlwella

    maxlwella New Member

    hi. My name is max and this is my fifth post.
  5. spud1966

    spud1966 Moderator Staff Member

    pm sent read the rules

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