another new image 2x & 1x

for some reason, it seems very slow jumping channels like a couple of second pause, didnt have this with sportster ultra. apart from that very nice, and found most channels ever when scanning
i dont know why mine clears very quick when changing channels

maybe in the settings or something like that

have you changed the ucodes at all

is your box sagem or nokia

thats the exactly the same as mine and no probs at all that is weird

have you tried to unplug for a while then plug in

as i do not know what to say about this m8

other peoples left very good feedback and says its fast for them so this one has got me
no worries mate, thanks anyway, ive flashed 2 boxes now both the same problem . nevermind

Excellent Work.


OK I've had the image on for a couple of hours now and my first impressions are very good. Had to change the Driver to Avia 600 as I have a Sagem and I turned on eNXTDPTrace (although I don't know what this is). I also changed the volume to OST as the mute and volume controls were not working. I haven't changed the ucode still 001a.

The image appears to be very stable and picture is as good as my Sky+ box. Excellent work.

I do have one problem though. I have locked and hidden 1 bouqet however it is still showing and it isn't asking for a pin/ I have turned parental lock on and the box asks for a pin when I try to enter the services menu. I have tried re-loading the channel list and turning the box on and off but still no good. I have checked the bouqet with cooktop and it is showing as hidden.

Do you have any ideas ?

O' and by the way I also took the modem out as I love any excuss to open up a piece of electrical equipment.

how did you lock the boquet in the services menu or any other way

as i just done mine in the services menu and it works perfect locked and unlocked it and its fine

I initially locked it and hide it in the services menu. (Although it was already locked as I transfered the bouqet to the box). I then check it with cooktop and still it shows up.

I might completely delete the bouqet and start again,

thats a strange one have you tried unlocking everything and rebooting the box then go into service and lock them

or why not just hide them cause thats what i do
OK, I can get the lock to work now but I can't hide them.

Yes I normally hide them but for some reason it ain't letting me. Could it be something to do with the Sagem settings I've changed ?


if you lock then thats fine but to hide them is fine but you cant do both

locking them is fine m8 no problems they will need a pin to see them so its safe