Other Android tv remote recommandations


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Dec 3, 2012
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I just got an android tv box the mibox. it can be a diaster to use with the remote as it is not a mouse and has no keyboard.

would anyone recommend a decent bluetooth android tv remote. looking for something not too big that has a keyboard and track pad/mouse functionality.
Hey guys just got the remote the one ye recommended is the same one I think.

Are ye using the dongle with it or is it Bluetooth?
I think you have to use the usb dongle to connect your box with the keyboard remote.
Ah ok. I was looking for a Bluetooth keyboard. I'll have to keep looking so.
yeah i want to keep the usb port free as it only has one and i also have a smart tv i want to use the keyboard with.

I keep the mibox in the attic so dont want to have to go up there to get the dongle every time i want to use the keyboard with the tv.
The wireless ones like mine would never reach that far anyway, they are only good for about 10-15 ft. Hope You get sorted m8 with a bluetooth one, the one itzme recommended says 30m so should do the trick.