An Absolute beginner



Hi All

I have just bought a Dbox (nokia dbox2) and am currently enjoying using it.

I was wondering whether there's a user guide to actually use the bloody thing as it can abit complicated.......I still can't work out how you enable subtitles!!

Also is there a method to scan for more channels - I currently have most channels (running off cable) but missing a few asian ones and ITV 4 and have loads of dead channels - - - well thats what it says.

Please Help

try scanning m8 with leave current bouquets and fast scan off

thanks yo, but how do i do that m8 and all

Sorry, i aint very technical

depending on the image

press dbox...service...service scan

on bouquet select leave current
on fast scan select off
then start scan
Erm we might have aproblem. i did what you suggested and now no channels come and an error message comes on screen

please exucate scan

dbox-key > service

Shit man Ive messed it up big time, i seriously need some advice
when you do a scan there is an option for cable provider (i think its called that) .. you have the choice of 2 .. try one than the other one of them will give you ur channels if every thing is connected right.
choice of 2

you will have a choice of 2 cablesym 6952 or 6887,ones for n*l the other for telepest