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Nov 20, 2005
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I recently purchased a modded DI2000 box which was guaranteed to au and I would have my free channels for life ! (yeah right )
we all know NTL had different ideas and when they changed their keys and my box, like many others was rendered useless.
I contacted my supplier who was asking for £30 to update my card so I politely told him where to shove it !
Then i found this great site and realized I could do a card myself.
The smartcard in the box was a atmega 163 but it was locked and in my haste to try and unlock it I erased it before I could get my BK.
always do a backup I here you cry!!! well I know that now.
anyway the only way to get the bk from one of these boxes is either
1. be very lucky and your BK is in the database
2. desolder the amtels and read them
I have posted my ird on here before but got no replies so I think its going to be option two
I am not new to soldering I do modchips for xbox's and ps2's but I don't fancy trying these and also I would have to buy a programmer to read the chips and I know I will never use it again.
So this is where I ask for your help is there anybody out there in the Glasgow area that can read these chips for me !
I would appreciate any help or advice as I am now stuck with a box that is useless and the chances of me getting my money back are looking very slim.