amilo l1300


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Mar 23, 2005
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i have a fujitsu amilo L1300 laptop and the spec says up to 64mb graphics. it is currently set to 32mb and want to change it to 64mb but cant see where to change it????
it had 256mb of ram which has now been updated to 2x512mb sticks 1gig total.
could anyone let me know how to change it ive looked in the bios but it is a very basic bios with no settings for graphics.
help me pls.
had a quick look on fujitsu web site.

yes says up to 64m shared mem.

there is pdf manual u can download but i assume u have copy of that.

there is a forum on the fujitsu site at h**p:// u may get some info there if u post on their own forum.

sorry cant be more help
thanks for that ive already been to the site and no joy the pdf documents are what i got with the laptop and it doesnt tell you how to change it.
left a post on their forums so fingers crossed.... :)