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Mar 28, 2005
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hi everybody

Me ambit 200 has also gone n as got flashy problems.

ive bin reading most of the modem related posts in here all day, i'm very confused chap cuz i got my modem frm a trader.

Firstly how do i know which mac is being used on mine, secondly where do i check for the firmware update.

i tried and i got ntl logo (this apended last night)

on that page i get

Software version : 2.67.1016

and Boot Code version : 3.13.2

does this mean it has bin updated.

thirdly i do not av a rs233 yet but a freind of mine sed dat if i use a connector which as got serial connector on 1 side n ethernet connector on tother i should b able 2 use hyperterminal. cud sum1 please verify cuz i tried followin instructions but cant get it 2 show anything.

has any1 tried dis method ???

lastly how do i know who 2 trade with wht info do i giv 2 other peple wanting 2trade with me.

i went on and its given me a somma 2 identify me on di net but wht part do i use when wanting 2 trade.

franking you kiindly
2 trade macs he meanssss!!!!! M8 if the NTL logo is there its a very big job to get that modem sorted.