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What is Amazon Prime Instant Video?
Amazon Prime Instant Video combines the Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video services.

What does it cost?
£79 per year as a lump sum payment. (Works out approx £6.58 per month)
£39 per year for students, via Amazon Student.

Any special offers?
30 day free trial.

Some on the old Amazon Prime service have successfully complained to gain the £49 service for at least another 12 months from their renewal date.

Can I subscribe on a per month basis?

Not to Prime Instant. Whilst Amazon Instant Video is available on a monthly subscription basis, you don't get the benefits of full Prime membership.

How does it differ to Amazon Instant Video?
In terms of the titles on offer - around 15000 films and TV episodes - there are no differences. However, for those who order a lot from Amazon, the Prime Instant Video may be a better offer.

How do I watch?
You can watch through your web browser, as well as selected consoles, smart TVs, bluray players, media players and the Kindle Fire range of tablets.

Can I get the US version of Amazon Prime Instant?
Not without a separate subscription to's version of Prime Instant Video at a cost of $79.
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