Amazon Instant (formerly LoveFilm Instant) FAQ


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Dec 10, 2004
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What is Amazon Instant Video?
Amazon Instant Video is the IPTV service from Amazon, and is the new name for LoveFilm.

What does it cost?
£79 per year for the Amazon Prime Instant Video.
£39 per year for students via Amazon Student.

Any special offers?
30 day free trial.

LoveFilm was often on the various cash back sites and GroupOn. It remains to be seen if the same holds true for Amazon Instant Video.

How does it differ to Amazon Prime Instant Video?
In terms of the titles on offer - around 15000 films and TV episodes - there are no differences. However, for those who order a lot from Amazon, the Prime Instant Video may be a better offer.

How do I watch?
You can watch through your web browser, selected smart TVs and Blu-Ray players, Wii, Xbox One (and 360) and PS3+4 consoles. The only portable devices supported are the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad.

Any US content?
Not with a UK subscription.

In America the service is only available as the Amazon Prime Instant Video service. You will need a separate, $79 per year, Amazon Prime Instant Video subscription to watch US content. You will also need to spoof your location using the various methods available (VPN, DNS "hack" etc).
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