all going off


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May 11, 2005
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I know of 5 sagem 1x with nextgen all gone off in purentl any more??????
All they need is a new image flashed to them. Nextgen is pretty old now, nobody has done a mod of it recently as far as I'm aware (although gav is working on something atm?)

Pure NTL boxcracker and nextgen 1x and 2x will go off - but the fix is easy.
yes m8 thats write cc are looking at killing eurovox boxs and its killing all images with the older evocamds on them just update image or evocamd m8
Can you update just the evocam in the nextgen image?

I only ask as in lincoln it is a superbly stable image.
Mine went off, i went into panic mode lol.
checked the forum here and flashed a new image from here: sportster_12_11_05_2x.img

Happy to say that all is now fine.. :D

I would just like to take the opportunity to thank the moderators/senior members here for their knowledge and hard work keeping me/us all going.

As a new dbox owner (2 weeks), I would be lost without the knowledge and support this site offers....

Keep up the great work!
AS IF! You're just jealous that the pace and sammys have been knocked off ;)
hi all
just reading the threads and it seems that old evo cambs are dead i have changed the (keylist txt) file from sportster to both zogre & boxcracker and they are back to normal has any body els tried this or am i just making a tempory fix .just new to this cheers
Eurovox2 down

Ive got a Eurovox2 guys and since the shutdown today it will not update new codes, i dont know where to get the latest of these files does anybody know? theres not alot of support ut there as far as im aware?
as someone said dunstable seem un afected as of yet

but luton was hit yesterday by all the phone call from freinds iv got with dboxs say there channels are missing

so i guess my IFA will be on overburn for a bit.