all channels lost because of new router


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Jul 6, 2010
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ive lost all my channels because i changed my router to netgear dgn2000 how can i get them all back any1 help
its telling me that all channels are scrambled must be a setting in the router i need to change my box is telling me there is no internet connection?
its telling me that all channels are scrambled must be a setting in the router i need to change my box is telling me there is no internet connection?

I wonder if you had your box set to a static IP and your new router uses DHCP on a different IP range to your old router ?
not sure m8 all new to me this i was using o2 router now using netgear dgn2000 and still cant get channels?

As Hackmax suggested, have a look in the network settings of the box and tick the DHCP if it isn't.
still no good m8 no idea what is going on has to be something simple maybe in the router and i dont want to contact my isp to ask questions bout the router etc u know what i mean lol

thanks for ur help tho
First of all, don't panic, and only do ONE thing at the time! Nothing is changed or lost on your receiver.

As DD said; changing the router has nothing to do with anything on your box, except the network settings, that have to be updated ONLY IF the new router is on a different IP address range, which is probably the case.

Go to network settings on your box, tick "Use DHCP", save, exit, reboot.

Go to network settings again and check your connection.

Let us know...? Which receiver is it by the way?
using a tm600 still no internet connection need this working to watch footy tomorrow lol

i think hackmax is on right track, o2 routers use a different ip address range so you will need to change this in your new router,

netgear are set to ip address to I'm sure o2 is totally different.
If you have done exactly as advised above, then please post here what your current Network Settings panels looks like:

DHCP on/off

Post *everything* that you see in that panel. Screen snapshot would be ideal.

Are you using the cccam, or something else?
hi there i have tried it all m8 and still no connectionany other ideas my head is going to explode lol
DHCP off

port 80
enable network on
press lan, turn dhcp on, save, restart receiver, and you should connect
Have you or have you not done the
- Tick the DHCP (ON)
- Save, exit, reboot

Go back to Network settings and inspect the settings.
If you have done it, why is your DHCP now OFF?

Your settings are incorrect
you cannot have the box IP
and router IP
However, I cannot tell you what your router's IP is, but it should be autodetected on reboot.

Do the things right, one step at the time, and report back.
got it m8 yous are good people thanks for the help do i leave dhtp on or of is there anything else i need to know
Since you do not seem to fiddle much with the box, it's fine either way.
- If you play with it a lot - FTP, Telnet, channels editing, files, etc. and you know well what you are doing and can diagnose the problems; fixed IP might be a bit more suitable
- If the box is only there so that you can watch the TV - leave it on DHCP Enabled (ticked = ON), at least it will save you the trouble of going through this again the next time something changes on your LAN.
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no probs m8 cheers i had the 8day epg on before but now cant get it because of the hiphop channel it has disappeared u know anything about this?