AHH!! dbox won't work!


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Oct 28, 2005
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Hi there I am having major problems with my dbox. Only free to air channels on now, have tried flashing the box but it aint having it. I am in the Gateshead area, the model is a Nokia 2x1 image, any 1 got any ideas? For some reason I can't flash the box using Flash assistent, the dbox just loads up with original sportster image, have tried everything can think of :mad:
is the box connected to the pc properly? seems like its not connected right otherwise the old img would not show up ..
how are u connecting it
If you've already got Sporster on the box, try using the FTP method to transfer and flash your image.
connecting via etehrnet cable. Can get a connection with the box via flashFXP but it doesnt even notice the box with flashassistent
If you can get a connection via FlashFXP then transfer the image to the /tmp folder. Then press:

DBOX->Service Menu->Software Update->Expert Functions->Write one partition->Flash without Bootloader

on your remote. Then you've flashed your image. Sorted!
strange .. well try the ftp rout ..
i never have problems with IFA, even when i do it via my network works all the time .. did u plug the box power in when IFA asked you to? dont have it pluged in before ..
mate, I would suggest to try FTP method. ftp your image in to tmp directory and follow instruction. and it should solve your problem. Personally I find that FTP method is the best and easiest method.

Once it is done you won a lottery ;)
have tried to ftp it and then selected image via tv. Loaded it all up and then rebooted but still same old sportster image comin up with all channels saying unavailable.
If thats the case then you loaded the same image to your box lol!
eh? whats the beef there!!? haha! Well am gana giv me heed a rest for the day! Will be back on tomorrow, thanx for all your help guys.
I am trying to flash Liams DW Enigma X, using FTP. The prob I am having is that it is in 3 separate parts to download, how do I ftp those 3 separate files onto my dbox!!?
Simple. Download all 3 parts to your desktop. Then, open Part1 in WinRAR. Extract the "DW_EnigmaX_2x.img" file to your desktop. Then delete the 3 parts you downloaded.

You should be left with just "DW_EnigmaX_2x.img". FTP that file to your box. The image is just seperated into 3 parts to allow me to upload the file successfully, and to allow people on slower connections a better chance of getting the whole file.