Sensible Topic ADVICE -Any gardeners out there, looking to get a Stihl Strimmer/Bush cutter?


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Apr 12, 2007
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Hi All

Looking at getting a second hand Stihl strimmer.

I am after some advice and whether this would be suitable for my needs. I have a large garden mainly overgrown with brambles (1" thick in area's).

I purchased a 50cc SGS one on Ebay thinking it would do the job (had the metal blade plus took up to 1.7mm line), it was useless as was the harness and the metal tri blade etc...

I ended up paying a gardener (several times now tbh) and he simply used a Stihl with much thicker line (no blade) plus he had a great harness with a heavy duty hook on it that he just popped the strimmer on, unlike the cheapy SGS with an awkward Carabiner Clip you had to open and the harness was a nightmare to adjust!!

The SGS one that was useless!! - 52cc Petrol Grass Trimmer / Brush Cutter

I have been googling but there are too many models out there tbh!!

I would rather spend out on some robust and reliable that's up to the job, is reliable and easily repairable/has spares etc.

Plus a decent harness that i can just pop the strimmer on/off easily.

What would you recommend guys?

What CC do i need is it and what size line?? (His was very thick on the Stihl and flew through the brambles easily)

I have been looking on usual selling sites like Ebay, FB market place etc.

Seen this, not sure if it's any good? If i need to spend extra for something better then that's no problem.....

Any advice MUCH appreciated.
we use to hire these out when i worked for hss. Take a look at the video is shows what we called the knot type cutter. The plastic blades were useless but the steel star blades just went through anything but were hard to get hold off.

click on the vide to see the type.

Petrol Strimmer & Brush Cutter Hire - HSS Hire
Yea, brush cutter i need, but the guy i was paying was going through 1"+ thick brambles with Stihl square Strimmer wire, no blade!!

That SGS thing is OK, but it aint no Stihl.....

Buy cheap, buy twice as they say.....

I'll message them and see what model it is.

I had bought a 52cc model also and not used it and my issue was weeds on the patio and had bought a wire brush and removed the line as was not needed , + i have the blade if needed , hedge trimmer + extensions and 5 litres of petrol which i threw into fuel tank of car.

Amazon i bought this bigger version.

Oregon 539172 Professional Harness for Supporting Brushcutter and Strimmer : Garden & Outdoors

I purchased 3 harnesses, the one that camne with the SGS was a joke, i have a half decent one like you linked.

But the proper Stihl ones just have a protruding piece if stainless steel rod at 90 degrees that you just drop it on too.

Different level, top notch.

I'm bloody looking at the battery ones now, sick mixing 2 stroke as well......It will pay for itself with my rentals, plus i enjoy it tbh...

Looks like the Honda 4 strokes are MUCH better than the Stihls.