Adidas gazelle 2 trainers £14.50

Cheers mate. I've ordered a pair. You also get free delivery by using that code. Almost feel like a thief!

hey im hopeless cant seem 2 get anywhere with this any help
thanks mate was looking at getting a pair at the weekend
so now i have some on order
great find thank you: big crow
if you order 2 pairs you pay £19.50 per pair, i ordered 3 all separately to get them at the £14.50 :)
Tried ordering them online using the code but it didnt reduce the price.
Rang them up this morning and the lady i spoke to said that inorder to get the discount you need to open a account where they send you a monthly statement. The code is valid however it does not apply to sale items. and seen as though the trainers are reduced by 50% anyway the code cant be applied for an extra £10 off...

Dont know how you guys got it to work?!