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May 13, 2005
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Just wondering how I add channels to my existing list without overwriting the bouquets.

I see options such as overwrite bouquet / replace bouquet / new bouquet etc...
Which one do I choose not to touch my carefully assembled bouquets?
Set the option to 'leave current'. This way it doesn't touch the bouquets file and only replaces the services file. You can then go to any new channels you find and add it to your original bouquets.
how long does a scan normally take?..

As the title says,been doing a scan for around 5 mins and found nothing,although
I am receiving most channels,should I be receiving regional bbc and itv etc channels as I am getting my regional version on all bbc and itv channels and not the versions outwith my region,for example-tyne tees =stv !!
Cheers guys!!!
I'm havin a similar problem! All my channels just fancied takin a trip somewhere off my DBOX an leavin me wiv nout all to watch except an error message sayin no channels were found!! i've been scannin for channels n stuff, but nothins comin up! Ny help with this would be FANTASTIC!! thanx in advance!

It usually takes up to 15 to 20 mins to do a full scan
it will find the transponders first then in the last 5 to 10 mins
it will find the channels.
Hope this helps.
Remember to set Fast Scan to off before scanning and be prepared to wait longer for more thorough results, or check the sticky for your latest services file.