acer any good?

Can't say about desktops but i bought two laptops for my sons to use in uni and have not had a days trouble with them
Bought a few acer desktops in the last year for some customers, no problems with them. Good value.
I think Acer is pretty good value aswell, apart from all the sh1te they install on it, but they are not the only ones, a lot if not most makers load their own stuff on systems.
i had a top end laptop full hd, bluray was very good , but you do get what u pay for , there ok for the kids , but personally have a sony viao now the main diff is the battery life even new u would only get 2 hours max on an acer , i have upto 6 hours on my sony laptop
any thoughts on the one in the link guys?

Have a guy from dell trying to do a deal for me around the same spec at the moment
just had a quick look to compare on euroDell but they seem a lot more expensive......... obviously if he can price-match go with the Dell, if not personally I've no probs with Acer.
Let us know what Dell Guy says
any thoughts on the one in the link guys?

Have a guy from dell trying to do a deal for me around the same spec at the moment

Its a pretty decent spec for the money but if you could wangle something extra from Dell then I would go for wireless keyboard or a good deal on a nice monitor. Haggle away and see what you can get. Its a buyers market.
this is the spec I configured on the dell website. Total inc VAT £1003.
This is the spec the guy from dell is trying to do a deal for me - I mentioned the acer machine to him so will let you know how i get on.




VAT & Shipping NOT included

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Congratulations! Your system is ready to be built.
We have some recommendations for you highlighted in green below.
Please check each item - and use the edit button to make any changes

PROCESSORIntel® Core™ i7-860 (2.80GHz, 8MB)edit
OPERATING SYSTEMEnglish Genuine Windows® 7 Professional (64 BIT)editMICROSOFT SOFTWAREMicrosoft® Office Starter 2010edit
Dell RecommendsMicrosoft® Office 2010 gives you powerful new tools to express your ideas, solve problems, and connect with people Microsoft® Office Starter 2010 includes reduced-functionality versions of Word and Excel with advertising. Purchase Office 2010 license above for full-featured Office software.
Upgrade to English Microsoft® Office 2010 Professional [add £229.00 or £9/month-1]SECURITY SOFTWAREEnglish Trend Micro™ Internet Security (15 month subscription)AntiVirus Softwareedit
Dell RecommendsDid You Forget? Protect your vital company and customer information with Trend Micro Internet Security.
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Upgrade to English Trend Micro™ Internet Security (24 month subscription)AntiVirus Software [add £10.00 or £1/month-1]
MONITOR Display Not Included edit
MEMORY8192MB (2x4096) 1333MHz DDR3 Single Channeledit
HARD DRIVEDrive 500GB Serial ATA non Raid (7200 Rpm)edit
GRAPHICS CARD1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT220 (DVI, VGA, HDMI)editOPTICAL DRIVE6x Blu-ray Disc™ Rewritable Driveedit
KEYBOARDUK/Irish (QWERTY) Dell Enhanced Multimedia USB Keyboard BlackeditMOUSEDell 2 Button USB Optical Mouseedit
Services & SoftwareSUPPORT SERVICES 1Yr Collect & Return Warranty - No Upgrade Selectededit
Dell RecommendsProtect your new purchase and have more peace of mind by extending the warranty coverage to 3 years and receive Next Day Business Onsite service!
Upgrade to 3Yr Basic Warranty - Next Business Day [add £80.00 or £3/month-1]
AccessoriesSPEAKERSNo SpeakerseditFLOPPY/MEDIA DRIVESNo Floppy Driveedit
MODEMS No Modemedit

Also included with your systemBaseVostro Desktop 430
Power Cords2 Meter Power Cord - UK
Documentation/DisksEnglish - Documentation Vostro Desktop
Standard Warranty1 Year Collect and Return
Order InformationVostro Desktop 430 Order - UK
Dell System Media KitVostro 430 Resource DVD - (Diagnostics & Drivers)
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well after sending more emails to the dell guy he still hasnt replied so given up on them! If they cant even reply to my emails when I want to buy something then what hope I have when I have a problem?!!

Anyway, decided to go to buying the components and building it myself :) wish me luck!
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You will fine M8 just take your time and you will ok

Don't try to save a few quid by going to different suppliers for components get them all from the same one.

What part of the uk are you as a few online retailers also have warehouses and shops novatech is one
Am in london m8.

Why get them from one supplier? I found one half cheaper at ebuyer and the other half cheaper at CCL online. Never used CCL online though but they're selling the i7 920 retails still.

I emailed ebuyer to see if they priced match considering I was buying around £1000 stuff but they said no.

Asked the same with CCL but still waiting for reply
If you want price matching you have to ring. Telesales teams are on commision, websales (perhaps barring Dell's live chat) aren't. However, the most likely reason Dell haven't contacted you is they cannot match the price.
Why get them from one supplier? ...
It's handy to have everything turn up at once, though generally it's because you'll save more on the postage costs by ordering from one supplier than spreading your order across several when chasing a few pounds on items.

However, Ebuyer and CCL both do free delivery on orders over £50, so just split the order across the two if CCL also say no to a price match (remember CCL 'do' quidco).
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