aaww its snowing on the forum

I thought it was my eyes LOL.......... nice touch :)
Dutcho said:
Thank fook for that though it was me eyes ;)

it is your eyes they are all joking ;)

no serious i wanted to add a little christmas spirit dont think it worked judgeing other posts :(... but anyway we can only try

Shut down internet access, full deep scan for viruses, check for malware - all on completely the wrong track. :BLOBBY:

Nice touch.
Is it just me, or does the page never seem to fully load with the snow effect?
I find it handy to move the mouse pointer over thread titles to scan the contents and the veritable jewels of wisdom secreted within (some recent posts excepted ;) ), but with all the snow the page never actually loads.

Edit: my wavy avatar has lost it's wave too :( and my spinny thing, well the least said about that the better lol :)
Small prices to pay for a bit of festive fun, just thought I'd explain myself before being hailed as the "Humbug" ;)
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love it. Though I'm not in a christmas mood yet. Bit too early. but i do like the snow effect.
it snowing.........let make the snowman....prepare the snowball..who is joining the snowball fight..
Fecking snow ......

Love the snow really, .....but is there a way of turning it off. me cpu's cooking it's self at 100% ........ :CRYBABY:

Sorry for being a miserable fecker ....... :)