A780 Bouquet/Channel order..


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Dec 14, 2005
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Hi everyone,

got my new A780 yesterday, took me a while to get up and running after flashing a dodgy firmware but now sorted and working great! Just a couple of questions..

Can you move the bouquet/channel order? Eg, I want to move the adult, news, shopping channels over to the right so I have sports, movies etc before. I know you can move individual channels but I want to move the catagorys..

Also, the time on my box is an hour behind, not a problem as I've set the time as GMT+1, just wondering why it would be an hour behind?? Pretty sure it was normal behind flashing..

Thanks a lot to Alex123 for sorting me out ;-)
Sorted cheers mate, just the bouquet order to sort now!
Sorted cheers mate, just the bouquet order to sort now!

You can sort out favourites on the box but they will vanish when the box powerscans in standby.

If you want to keep them you need to turn powerscan off.
Thanks, looks like I'll have to leave em as they are. I'm sure I'll get used to it
Channels are in the same order as they would be on your subbed box so that you only have to get used to one set of channel numbers.
Cheers nozzer, its not the channel numbers I want to move, its just the order of the catagories. I like to have it set up so I have Entertainment (move right) Sports > Kids> Movies> etc..

Its no problem, just the way I like it