A little help with the proggy BOXUP


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Sep 26, 2005
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Hi guys (and girls).

Firstly I'll apologise if this has been brought up countless times in the past.

I've had a good rake through the forums and havent been able to find much info.

I've found a couple of CFT2100 boxes in the back of a cupboard. So I've decided to try and bring them back to life.

So far I've found a couple of posts saying to use the program 'boxup'. I've downloaded it and had a look. I see there are loads of options in the prog. Does anyone know where I can find some info about this prog, how to use it etc?

a wouldnt waist ya time on them mate you would better better of getting a digital cable box or a dbox if you ask me like

but im sure someone will help you on here tho...
yeah listen to little john he is right as robin said lol (j/k)
defo get yaself a digital box the future is now
just do a 12c509 chip with hexgen m8, boxup is handy if you cant get the box number for some reason but if you want all the channels just do a 12c509. if you need any help pm me.

also analogue boxes are excellent backups when the keys change. has no-one noticed the increase in questions about analogue? peeps are getting fed up with key changes etc.

PLUS no-one round here seems to know too much about analogue.
simple cheap answer to key changes is to do an atmega au tho,cant understand why peeps use funs
plus ya probs right i aint got a clue about analouge lol
Cheers for the replies guys.

I'm already sorted with digi boxes and they are autoupdating.

I'm really doing the cft2100's because they are there. The prob with them is, they give the message that they have been disconnected. I ran a search on this prob and someone mentioned the program boxup.

I had already programmed a couple of 509's then when I was trying to reset them the boxes werent changing to channel 02. Thats when I ran a search and found out about the boxup prog.