a few questions - fun card and programmer etc.


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Nov 1, 2005
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Kenilworth (near Cov)
Hi, Ive tried searching and reading the guides but can't find any information on these few questions,

my computer came with a 7 in 1 card reader/writer built in, it has a smartcard slot, do you think I can use this to program a fun card?

do I need a subsription to ntl? (ie the base pack) I understand the fun card can be used to access all channels. My new flat has a box already there (im not sure if it works or not though).

Also if my box has no original card.. is there anyway to get the codes I need from it without the ntl card?

and how do I tell which NTL area I'm in (i.e. 1,2,3 so I can see if I will be able to get PPV)

thanks and I'll keep searching the forum to try and answer these.
hi, thanks for your reply,

I have a bit more detail now:

The box is a Pace Di4010 and it says its a DNASP011 RevB0C and has the card that came with it I think. (the box and card are from a flat I'm renting and have been left there by previous tennents)

I also have my IRD and have cut the talkback. I've got a used but blank fun card 4, and I've brought a cheap programmer from jabspace.co.uk

can I get the Box Key off the original NTL card? and if not whats the best way to get it off?

Thanks and any help much appreciated.
If your renting the flat then its possible the box is a kosher one that belongs to your landlord, in which case if you've modded it you could be liable for about £250 for a replacement box that the CC might charge.
Some cards these days have false bk numbers on them so are not 100% reliable You will be better off doing the Voltmeter method or LED sim method or jtaging it depending on weather it has a sim board in it or not, failing this you could always get the attys read.
Hi Clive, cool I'll look into all them methods.. I just want a cheap and cheerful method if possible.

I'm renting the flat but the box was from the previous tennant, they left it there and the subscription has now stopped. It isn't owner by the landlord because they told me the lst person left it there. I'm looking into Jtag method and I've also got another box lined up 4001 from a mate but that will be in a few days.

Any advice on the best for a novice much appreciated.
follow this tut m8 on your 4001 just a bit ov soldering and a voltmeter should do the trick.
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You need to jtag a 4010 box to get the bk m8 ......