500T Query (Ch**us MMDS)


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Aug 18, 2008
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Hi, complete novice to this so forgive my ignorance if the answer is obvious - Just bought D500T online and running it thru Ch**us MMDS (living in North Kildare)

A mate in Laois updated it with latest keylist.txt fixers from bigmaq.com on Friday night and we viewed it at his gaff - no hassle, all channels etc. (Digitalwarldz 2.00; evocamd etc.) Conencted it at my own place on Saturday - locked in fine on the transponder but am only able to view a handful of channels - s*y channels, Irish/ UK terrestrial etc all giving distorted image with no sound. Those that are viewable (music channels, other free satellite) are clean as a whistle.

Have gone back and checked the tuxbox commander and have rebooted but still no joy. The mate suggested it might be the aerial positioning seeing as it worked fine at his house (he has same Ch**us package). Before i head up on the roof, can i ask has anyone come across this and is it an aerial problem or something with the box set up? I haven't factory reset yet. Many thanks for any help.