[500c] DigitalWorldz Dream 1.6.5...2.0...and 2.1 [Enigma]

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Jun 28, 2008
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all these Images have been cleaned from all keys and cams and will only receive Free To Air programming

they are uploaded here for you to download for educational purposes only

what you do with this image once downloaded is down to you, here at Digitalworldz we take no responsibility for any actions you take if you decide to add or alter this Image to steal services not paid for.

under no circumstances can any keys or cams be uploaded here

DigitalWorldz Dream 1.6.5 [500c Enigma]

only 1 change to this new Digitalworldz Dream Image but its a change u guys will like
with thanks to obwan for sharing this infomation

Use the < & > buttons either side of the 0 button to browse left and right through the bouquets.

The regular < & > volume buttons still jump to the next page and back (if your bouquet has more than one page)

if you find the clock is an hr slow just reboot your Dream al will be fine
all other infomation can be found in Digitalworldz Dream 1.6.2 thread

flash to dreambox,FTP DW.IMG to Temp folder then on box DW menu (blue button)
the image backup/restore (blue) flash image (green)
this is the way we recommend but u can also use FlashWizard Pro

Digitalworldz Dream Team
Thankyou to our expert team

Version 1.6.5
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DigitalWorldz Dream

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Jun 28, 2008
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DigitalWorldz Dream V 2.0

Digitalworldz Dream v2.0

-CVS: 31-10-2007
-BusyBox v1.01
-GCC version 3.4.4
-Web Interface 6.0.4-Expert
-Default ip
-Default gateway
-Default DHCP ON
-UK inforbar EPG
-Left and Right scrolling through bouquets
-Disable auto services update
-Restart enigma
-Retrieve Internet IP feature
-Telnet and ftp welcome messages
-Image Update via internet for future images
-Updated cables.xml to include Irish providers
-Expert webinterface
-Evocamd_2.12 default emu
-Stone_snr, Xline & Pulse (thanks to mrdude) skins included
-Picon on infobar (on Xline and Pulse skins)
-DW Radio included in dreamnetcast plugin (download from addons)
-Audio selection (NAR, English, AC3) via the Audio button
-BackupServices feature via DW CP > creates a services.tar.gz file for backup
-RestoreServices feature to restore your services.tar.gz file
-New bootup and shutdown screens
-Mount to /hdd/movie for DVR recording
-Mount to /var/mnt/??? for all other mounts (mp3s/movies)
-Locked channels stay locked even after reboot

DW Control Panel
Current emu activated (scroll left and right to choose if more than one installed)
Current cardshare server (not used)
----Download Addons (EMU, Plugins, Games)
----Delete addons (deletes addons)
----Manual addon (manual addon install via /tmp)
--Tuner Selection
--DW Image News
--User Features
----Flash Image (dw.img in /tmp)
----Backup Image (dw.img in /tmp)
----Backup Services (creates /tmp/services.tar.gz)
----Restore Services (restores /tmp/services.tar.gz)
----Reload Channels (reloads channel list)

Blue button - DW Control Panel
Yellow button - Plugins
Green button - DVR Controls
-record - radio
-stop - tv
-play - green
-pause - yellow
-rewind - red
-fast fwd - blue
Red button - EPG
-yellow button - timer event (record to dvr option available)
Audio button - Audio stream selection (English, NAR, AC3)

If you don't have your dreambox connected to the internet (via router etc) then now's the time to get it done, you've got no excuse! Take full advantage of the Addons feature and install emu, games, plugins, skins, keys, etc. all at the touch of a button. Keep up to date with the DW Image News feature. And if there's a new version of DW image released you'll be able to update it over the internet via the Software Upgrade feature.

In the Plugins section, you'll find DreamNetCast Internet Radio direct from your dreambox!

If you are copying in your own services files, do the following steps.
DO NOT copy the whole enigma folder
Copy services to /var/tuxbox/config/enigma
Copy bouquets to /var/tuxbox/config/enigma
Copy all userbouquet files to /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/cable
Select ReloadChannels from User Features (box will reboot)
Select a premium channel
Start emu from in DW Control Panel
Reboot box from the Shutdown menu
Keys should auto update when the box reboots, takes about 10s

Remember to rename your image to dw.img in /tmp before using the Flash Image script.

General thanks to Gemini, PLi and Genesis Teams.

Thanks to the DW Team for another great image!

This was added after
this is only for people having problems with relaoding there bouquets

I had a slight problem with bouqetes too this is what I did long way round though but worked lol
transfered enigma folder over to /var/tuxbox/config/ (overwrite all)
Then using a web browser go to the url (replace x with ur dream ip)
but this way will put a lot of the previous image onto the new one so to clean things up I did this
DW menu (blue button)
user features
this will put a backup of ur service file and userbouquets in a services.tar.gz file in the temp folder,transfer that to desktop for now
then I relashed image
and transfered services.tar.gz back into temp folder
goto DW menu again
user features
job done
and a nice clean clutter free image
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DigitalWorldz Dream

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Jun 28, 2008
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DigitalWorldz Dream 2.1

Before installing remember to take a backup of your service file from DW Blue Button menu
User features

To Flash To Box: flashfxp to temp folder then blue button user features,flash image

then same with service/bouquets,flashfxp to temp folder then blue button user features,servicesrestore

Once Flashed and service files transfered to box Press Blue Then OK To Restart Cam For Subbed Channels To Kick In

================================================== ======
Image info
Once put onto your box you must do a factory reset then upload your bouquets and restart evocam (optional but clears out junk from folders)
doing a factory reset now will restore DW and not halm your box

lots of games

Bitrate Viewer
Dreambox editor (manual keys)
These can be removed but will come back after a factory reset as will evocam and gbox.

The icons folder for the picicons has been moved to the squashfs so cannot be updated but this can be done via a squashfs update when needed.

The bootscreen has been updated.

There is a script in blue, user features to update evocam keys to gbox keys (from cryogenic).
Blue button
User features

Exit then choose gbox by pressing blue button

there is now more space for downloaded plugins,this has been increased to 1046 Kb spare in /var to play with

Another Great Updated Image From Digitalworldz

this is an update to V 2.0 all other info on this image can be found above
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