4200E info needed


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Nov 23, 2005
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Im after finding out if ive got this info right on the 4200E for exc&w

ive ordered a modem from germany and should have it at the end of the week. I just want to make sure this is right

ive been told that the firmware will be locked so netboot.exe wont work and ill have to use the serial max233 and hyperterm. once im in hyperterm it should give me two opions then ive been told to enter 2 enetBcm(0,0)admin:/opt/vwMIPS_1_0_1_fcs/target/config/sb4200/vxWorks.st h= e= u=jmcqueen pw=rickey7 f=0x8 tn=SB4200 o=bs1 this will change the bootcode so i can upload the vxworks.st "i converted SB4200E-MODIFIED-FIBERWARE.hex.bin into vxworks.st" and then run fireball with vxworks.st in the same directory and this will upload the new modded firmware onto the modem

Does this sound right.. or am i talking crap
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oh sh*t that sound hard.
i though they were supposed to be easy??
i thought you could just use ethernet?
You can use a blackcat.
It has a tab for sb4***.
I think i'll use that. Nothing can stop that and even if you have to make the jtag it's more staright froward than all that.
I'm having enough trouble getting me sb5100e going.
And if you got a blackcat and kill your modem. No problem!!

Hi name750,

Got my SB4200E yesterday but the fiberware method is not working. Have you got the blackcat method for me please?

I need to know how to make the cable, flash the firmware etc etc.....

Not to sure really but i just started the blackcat to see what the sb4*** tab looks like.
Seems strainght forward.
You can save your original flash so you can fix things.
Then it has a Programme new firmware button
And it has flash new bootloader button.
I'm not sure if its the same setup as a sb5100. It has an obvious place to solder a 10 pin header if you got a tcniso blackcat.
Have you opened the sb up yet.
This is the homemade jtg i made.
it works 100% no problem.
You only need a five pin header really and one wire for ground.
Use a cut usb lead for 5v and earth
Hi there,

this is my first post on this forum, ...
can someone tell me were the jtag for the blackcat cabel is on a SB4200E?

tHx and kind regards