42" LG PLasma Problem


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Mar 29, 2005
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Glorious UK

my workmate bought this flat screen about 1 and half years ago from an auction and the problem can what only be desceibed as prison bars that go down the screen 4 0r 5 of them,they are about half inch thick spread across the screen,it is impossible to watch tv like this.

Is it fixable or is it ready for scrap?
I get this with my dbox sometimes. Have you tried another source?
its been on sky since he got it and has been fine,it started with one line on the left and then it they all appeared gradually over time
do you still get the lines when you watch a dvd?
i just asked my friend to just plug in with no aerial,just a fuzzy picture and it still does the same
ouch sounds like it could be fooked. I do occasiuonally get the bars but only on a certain source.

Good luck getting it repaired ifs worth it lol
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