4010 problem when booting


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Aug 16, 2005
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hi,when trying to boot my pace 4010,it just keeps going round in a circle,,e.g,,pace,nit,----,just keeps going round,,,,,,,ive pulled the jumper,but still the same,cant get into eng menu aswell,,many thanks
Hi - Couple of things to check!!

First pull the red jumper and leave it off for a min or so!! Just to make sure!! Then when you try to boot to the eng menu check that the buttons you are holding in are actually engaging - my 4010 is a bit temperamental and sometimes you think the top button is held in but its not!!

Once in the eng menu check to see if the net id has reset itself to your area and that the default frequency is correct

Also check the f connector to make sure its a good connection to get a good signal strength to the box!!

The 4010 can sometimes take a while to kick in - you might get numbers rolling on the display for a while but they generally are pretty reliable!!
if nothing ells works then try holding power button down then switching power back up and holding power button down, when u will c 0000 on display then let go of power switch and press ch+ then vol+ then ch- and then vol- now you should have 1234 on dcisplay press service, if it's in loop then this will rest it!!!!