4001 - stuck on pace prob


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Mar 25, 2005
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been trying to read up about this problem but most seem stuck in tune . me and a mate have a box that wont budge .tried all the soft boots , pulling red jumper pushing the sim a bit cleaning etc and still no joy . the only other thing i havnt tried is checking voltage but havnt sorted a tester out yet .anyone know something i dont .( not all at once please lol ) . your help would be appreciated.
either reflow the atmels, could be a dry joint, or put another dump on to the atmels providing you have a atmel reader/writer
Hi peeps before you start looking at the hard stuff these boxes have a problem that is if the cable in conector is over tightend at some point it can braek the solder conection hence no signal this normaly gets the box stuck on tune but my last one had this prob and it was stuck on pace when i had a closer look the board had a hireline crack just above the chip where you cut the talkback
chees guys i'll try the easy one first and check for cracks/connection probs .sod the atmels lol .
also check to see if the simm is sat properly clean the contacts too
I've had the same probelm since Tuesday mate. I followed the 'stuck in tune' tut without any joy. Went home in my lunch hour today and got it to work by plugging in mains while pushing the CIM unit back. It worked a treat, the display started running through a counter....0 to 1999 or something and after about 10 minutes it booted up.
Can't remember where I read about the CIM trick but thanks to whoever posted it.