4000 PPV Pin Box locked


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Oct 3, 2004
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Just tried to order a PPV movie but doesn't work. it let me type the pin in 3 times then locked.

If i reboot the box it gives me another 3 tries but no good, in the engineers pages on about page 13 it says box locked status....... LOCKED.

On cr3.2 it doesn't allow you to change pin in the settings, anything to do with your pin on the boxs settings running 3.2 and a error sign comes up saying PIN LOCKED.

4000 box ex CW cr 3.2 (no vod yet)

Any idea's

You will need to reset the pin in libby BUT if you havnt got a scart to serial then dont do it,as you need to pull the red jumper and erase the sram to do it,you will then need to reset the netid etc.altho that said i think you can reset the pin and netid using the new funcard method,
When you go into the E/M does it show the pin as **** or 0000 ??? if its the latter then the pin hasnt been set and needs to be entered in,you do this on that screen just scroll down to it and enter the pin of your choice (dont forget to save it)
If it shows as **** then you will need to erase it and start again as above.

From the PIN resetting guide in the downloads:

You can reset your PIN on a 4000N box without using Libby and opening your box
1. Assuming you've forgotten the PIN you put any old PIN in 5 times so that the box reports that the PIN is locked.
2. Go to the Menu option where you would unlock the PIN, and put in any old PIN (it shall probably tell you invalid pin entered).
3. Then reboot the box and go into Engineers menu (holding down the up and down arrow buttons whilst the box is being booted up).
4. You should now find that you can actually move down to the PIN option on the 1st page and reset the PIN using the buttons of the box.

Thanks Mark i'll have a go at pulling the jumper!

Bammy your idea doesn't work with CR3.2.
m8 you could try the MAX232Mod, If you don't have a max232/233 interface you could make one for a few quid or buy one ready made from tmc as you can a scart to serial.