40% discount CODE FOR Empire Stores


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Sep 8, 2006
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Discount: 40%
Minimum Spend: £0.00
Promotional Code: PG3377
Expiry: 16/04/2007
Applies to: Online orders only and not all products

Thanks op - shame their prices are so high originally!
It wont let me order a Wii, it says its a "clover leaf item" - whatever that is? and discount will not apply.. :(
i only noticed that later m8 but if you click the redeem code button again it takes it off i got my confirmation last night with the 40% knocked off just have to see if they honour it
or not its looking good though.
Cheers for the page Marra, I cant reply because I'm a Newbie :( lol

I will give it a try though. Fingers crossed!
Big thanx for this, just saved £140 on a new mattress,
just waiting on confirmation now.
thanks mate....ordered 2 items and the discount was applied but it does not apply discount to all items though.............no problem