250 modem ip


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Mar 13, 2005
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my 250 modem's ip stays on
and on the internet explorer (modem configuration page) i checked and it says Not Synchronized

how do i fix this problem
the modem was workingking 3 days ago but today when i turned it on it didnt work. i have already tried few different macs and i have used smac to conceal my network mac
hiya jhon101 iv got this problem on my 250 moden iv mannaged to flash it with 250 hack flash then when i put i working mac in it does not work only power and enet lights come on any ideas ? im from blackburn on ex c&w if this helps also can you send me a working mac and ip ? pm me mate cheers
when you update the 250 modem with the 250 hack bin file then when you turn the modem on only three should work the power light ethernet light and the ready light will flash when browsing the net