24 meg broadband


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Mar 5, 2005
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24 meg broadband for £24
only in london just now but spreading.

This is what u get for your money
Up to 24 meg download speed
Up to 1.3 meg upload speed
Unlimited Internet access
Free high specification wireless Be Box mode
nice find and not long according to the website for my exchange to get done

"We are currently expecting to enable your exchange in Feb-2006." :)
Im going to have to wait until march 2006, i've been wanting speeds like this for a while now
Cheers Matey
can only be good news too for cable owners NTL can't sit back while ADSL2 is gaining popularity, cheap and no caps on most

They haven't even rolled out 10mbit officially yet and there still behind
24mb nice, if that was in my area, i would love it, espicialyl if it has NO CAPS, unlike crappy ntl
Feb 2006 for me, which is perfect, cos my 12 months with BT will be up by then.

cheers m8, nice find.
FEB2006 for me too - wooohoooo BT are really beginning to suck, they don't even answer emails properly and when i ring i get shoved all over the place for long enough for me to get fed up and put phone down LOL
I signed up for this a while ago, got to wait till feb to get online.
If anyone gonna sign up pm me for your first month free.
I'd wait - who knows what their customer service will be like. Many people signed up with bulldog when they had an opening special offer and regretted it - long periods without broadband, etc.
Be is the first UK Broadband Internet service provider (ISP) to deliver the awesome power of up to 24 meg broadband. With download speeds up to a staggering 24 meg and upload speeds up to a record-breaking 1.3 meg, this is super-fast broadband as you've dreamt it COULD BE: unlimited usage, a free high specification wireless modem and, of course, always-on connection.