2210c doin my head in


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Jan 26, 2007
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anyone gimme any help.using sammy2110c was reset and i set the netid and pin using funcard way.it worked but my box updated to the the virgin media format.after the reset all my channels apart from itv itv4 itv2 and a couple more just stay black screen .i have tried using latest funcard files and the titanium 2 files both these cards worked before the update before.i have spent the last 2days trying but to no joy.when the cards are inserted the channels that dont work are lit up on the channels menu but just remain a black screen.have left it for an hour to update but just stays black any help?cheers.sammy 2110c exc/w funcard 4 titanium 2 phonix.
you need a mosc card for the virgin fw ..think iam right in saying that funs dont work on virgin in a 2110c
I got 2 2110's working on AU Funs with the Virgin Firmware.....
I'm in a pure area mate....... I used Grape for the flash....
tryed it

tried the grape hex.chaos 2210 fix and v2 and 3
are you sure you didn't make an error with your bk?

How long are you leaving the funcard on stream???

My fun took over 1hr to update last week......

I used chaos on 2110 works a treat cant seem to get atmega or titanium card to work on it
Look at the guide that clive58 uploaded it works 100% and it took about 2 mins to catch the keys.. It was so quick in fact that when i was watching it i was shocked that it worked lol.

First time I tried it i used the wrong files so it didnt work but grab that guide and u should be up and running m8ty :): whip :
IIRC the ird needs reversing as well i cannot remember 100% tho so give it a whirl see if that helps