17000 posts for witchy!

17000 posts and about 100 bans lol :banana:, well done witchy:Clap:
There is no way I'm the most banned, not any more! :)

Have you seen Emaralds track record?:)
Well done Stu m8,

Can you imagine how many you would have if you count the length of your bans plus all your posts that got deleted lol,

good to see you back posting too,you've been quiet lately :)
well done witchy .... :Clap:

keep um coming matey ....
you still here? thought you had buggered off, or was it just a cunning plan to get the trouble and strife to stop stalking you?

Anywho! well done you post clocking nutter, and they say Celtic fans can't read or write, think you must be a Albion Rovers fan with dilutions of grandeur.

That, my friend, is some achievement.
thats a lot of waffle :)
well done mate
Well done Witchy m8 fantasic achievement mate all the best biffo