16 years today, Grandad passed away.


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Jun 1, 2001
just want to say Hello to my Grandad who is up their with many other Grandad's and fathers and friends.

16 years today (well this morning) he sadly passed away. Cancer took him away like many others.

i remember the day like it was yesterday, my mum and i rode our bikes to see him at home, and he did not look well at all. so we stayed a few hours and left him to have a sleep as he was tired.

i was in work following morning, i worked in a newsagents, and my mum came in about 8am and was red faced and tear filled eyes, i asked what was wrong, then she broke the news and told me he passed away early hours in morning.

we have been cemetery and placed flowers down, and said our hello's and good-byes.

Grandad, i miss you loads.