‘Destiny 2’ Is Getting Cross Save At Last, According To Datamine Leak


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Sep 5, 2016
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Cross save is the holy grail for Destiny players ever since the game came to PC. There’s a lot of talk about the desire for cross play in a lot of video games lately, and games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Dauntless are now launching with it from day one. But Destiny, like most other series, does not have cross play, or more importantly for players, cross save, which would theoretically allow players to unify accounts across PS4, Xbox and PC, though it’s not clear if this is console to PC, or also cross-console. The desire for most players, I’d say, myself included, is to be able to play their console account on PC. I have a thousand hours into my D2 PS4 characters, but I’d love to play them on PC some of or even most of the time, as the game runs so, so much better there. Now, that may be coming as soon as this fall, in theory.

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