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    Dish Position and More

    Hi all,

    I would like to thank Rat and and couple of others helping me getting my box working the other day. I was going to post this the other day but my profile got wiped off the website so I have had to start again.

    I have a couple of questions I would like to ask:

    I have these coordinates for 1 west and could you please tell me if I need to set it in the receiver as east or west on the Longitude: -0.0928 and North or South on the Latitude: 51.7931.

    I am running a 90cm mesh dish with the TM-800HD tuner.

    Can I number the channels with in the receiver or do I have to have them in the A-Z list in the folders? Also is there a way of looking at the information on my computer and adding new frequencies, channels etc.

    Final question for now, what picture and stuff is the newest to run on the receiver. This is what mine says taken from iq web control.

    Device name: TM800
    Enigma version: Open PLi 2011-06-23-HEAD
    Image version: TM800-DW-Iq-16/7/11
    Front prozessor Version: V1.0.1
    Webinterface Version: 1.6rc3
    Tuners A: Sharp BS2F7VZ0169 (DVBS-2)

    Kind regards


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    Re: Dish Position and More

    I take it you live in Hertford, the co-ordinates to use would be 0.0928 West and 51.7931 North.

    You can rename/renumber the channels using a program called dreamboxedit on your PC. Personally, I would download a pre-made channel list of your choice and transfer them. Catseye and Vhannibal lists are two popular ones. I have given up on numbers and go through the bouquets.

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    Re: Dish Position and More

    Hi Abu Baniaz,

    Thank you for the reply yes I do live in Hertford and thanks for the information and guiding me on how to do channel lists.

    Kind Regards


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