Thread: tm500 cccam restart script

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    tm500 cccam restart script


    Is there any way to make my tm500 (non super) to restart at a certain time say midnight each day. Well i dont need the actual box to restart just cccam but if it's the whole box i don't mind.

    This would be very useful as i would not have to do it manually.


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    Re: tm500 cccam restart script

    why is it that you want to restart cccam everyday ?

    you could try this script i wrote, i've not actually tested it though

    > Install Cron from "my" Panel
    > FTP attached "cccamrestart" into /var/spool/cron.daily/ and "chmod 755"

    will restart cccam daily at 4:20 & start it if not active.

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