zgemma star 2s

  1. L


    I am looking for some assistance I have been gifted a zgemma star S 2 box I was hoping to use this to access IPTV, I switched it on and it starts to boot then I pressed menu and it came up with a screen that looked very much like sly but no programs loaded. Can someone explain do I need to...
  2. MrPukka

    Problem with 2s

    Hi all A friend of mine who is not very tech savy has a problem with his zgemma 2s on ipab It seems every time the box updates the epg, it deletes his sat bouquets and iptv bouquets. I thought it may have been a conflict with ipab bouquets so disabled update. The next day he was watching the...
  3. M

    zgemma star 2s wont flash

    A friend has given me his box to wipe and load iptv to it. Bought a sub for iptv but cannot flash the box as it wont read the usb memory sticks. Tried a sony 4 gig usb 2 Kingston usb 3 64 gig Integral 16 gig usb 2 I have downloaded some firmwares and it just wont flash the box. When it boots...