zgemma h.2h

  1. bilabonic

    Zgemma h2h- How do i know what image version i am on ?

    Hi All I have a custom Whoosh build from seller, i installed it on my box (set tuner ID/autobouquet code etc)...Then i made an image of my clone to put on my PARENTS box... Installed fine but I get SS Golf HD and they do NOT ? I have checked tuner/autobouquet settings and both the same ...
  2. bilabonic

    ADVICE - Lost EPG on my Zgemma H2S ?

    Hi All My Zgemma has suddenly lost EPG, it Woosh build and has EPG Importer in Green Panel. It has All Rytec providers selected BUT when i do a manual download NOTHING happens ? Anyone any ideas why ? Is there a new IPK file out there or can i download/update it via the box ? Also when...
  3. spud1966

    Original ZGEMMA H.2H Combo HD Receiver Dual Core Linux OS DVB-S2 + Hybrid DVB-T2

    just a quick question guys , my m8 is after a cable box . can get a vm line ok ect but will this box be any good if i have to switch over to IPTV ? plus im using zgemma H2 is this box fast enough for IPTV as well cheers Spud