win 10

  1. chookey

    Win 10 fiasco

    Been threatening to reinstall win 7 for ages but never got round to it. Last couple of days my browser would stop working saying it was waiting for cache. Cleared it yesterday but did it again today. Nothing else would respond while this was happening so I turned the pc off as usual. Turned it...
  2. alimac

    Windows 10 upgrade

    for anyone still looking for win 10 it is still available for free till 16/01 but guess they will never stop it lkeep moving the goal posts lol home or pro users can use the iso tool for fresh install with no need to use upgrade method
  3. cactikid

    windows 10 avast and malwarebytes

    just checking as just got a second hand pc and was told it had microsoft protection,hmm i would prefare to play safe so asking what others use are using.
  4. maarksparky

    Virtual Machine on Win10

    Hi folks, is there any way to run a virtual windows say Win 7 on Windows 10? I have a hardware that's only compatible with Win 7 and want to check if there is any way to run it like we used to run XP on Win 7
  5. M

    Win 10 Problem installing from usb

    Hello all I am trying to install a Win 10 on my lenovo g500. I done all the settings in the Bios and after I shut down, insert the usb and I press the novo key to get into Bios and select the booting option it just frezees on the lenovo logo. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. D

    Win 10 WiFi Password

    Hi, went to my girlfriends earlier as she's experiencing slow wifi speed using a Virgin Superhub 3, I have the exact same hub and I'm getting great speeds, so I wanted to test a few things, however I cannot connect to her wifi, my laptop can see her hub but when I click it and it asks for the...
  7. trevortron

    Win 10 Latest update- Creators' edition.

    I have two Win10 PC's which are in regular use- my HP i7 'sofa-surfer' and a much older (ex-Vista) Fujitsu I use in the workshop. (I'd hate to part with that one as it has a really nice keyboard lol!). The latter updated itself the other day to 10's latest incarnation, calling itself the...