1. dar1437

    WiFi scanner?

    Morning all, Does such a thing as a sort of WiFi scanner exist? What i mean is, a device that you could place by your router, and it would show every nearby (RF) signal (im assuming thats what they use?) Wi-fi/ Bluetooth/ cordless phones/ whatever, and exactly what frequency/ channel/ they were...
  2. Napster


    after a connection for btwif-with-fon got one in my area that I would like to try does anyone have any details to log in please cheers Merry Christmas
  3. johnny bravo

    s8 not connecting to any wifi overseas

    hi - my daughter took my s8 overseas to the UAE. The problem is that the phone does not connect to any wifi. she has reset the phone to factory settings and still it doent connect to any wifi, not even the one she has at her apartment. The option to switch on the wifi is greyed out and cannot...
  4. dar1437

    WiFi Doorbell Camera £23 delivered

    Smart Wireless WiFi Doorbell with 1.0MP 720P Camera -$29.99 Online Shopping| GearBest.com
  5. D

    WiFi No 5Ghz

    Hi, I made a post about DD-WRT Routers, I managed to pick up a cheap dual band Belkin with the dd-wrt already flashed to the router I've managed to put the SH3 into Modem Mode and get a WAN IP from it to the Belkin and I now have internet access I've turned wifi off on the SH and setup both...
  6. D

    Win 10 WiFi Password

    Hi, went to my girlfriends earlier as she's experiencing slow wifi speed using a Virgin Superhub 3, I have the exact same hub and I'm getting great speeds, so I wanted to test a few things, however I cannot connect to her wifi, my laptop can see her hub but when I click it and it asks for the...