1. Grimeire

    VPNs and logging

    A list of VPNs that log and VPNs that don't Plus what each one logs. 100+ VPNs & Their Logging Policy (What Logs Are Kept by Who?)
  2. Grimeire

    HideMyAss VPN - 2 Year sub for $55

    As the title says hide my ass VPN only $55 for a 2 year sub. I used them in the past and they were good but a bit expensive at €8 per month. at the above price i couldn't complain. One of PC Mag's Top 10 VPNs of 2018 Details & Requirements Unlimited bandwidth Browse w/ up to 2 devices at...
  3. Grimeire

    Lifetime VPN Sub - VPN unlimited

    as the title says unlimited VPN for only $40. click here I use them myself and can't complain. they provide ovpn files for OpenVPN and they are one the few VPN providers that provide servers that use the TCP protocol.
  4. Grimeire

    PIA VPN deals

    As the name says. Trust In an Industry-Leading VPN: Surf the Web Anonymously & Without Restriction
  5. alimac

    OkayFreedom VPN Premium 1 year

    use fake email address for key any other promotion offer must be fully expired before use free version limit is 500 MB. However, this promotion is for Premium which is Unlimited Bandwidth and no limitations. OkayFreedom Special [chip0318]
  6. alimac

    VPN may choose their words

    Do you believe what your VPN says about its logging policies? Be careful. just some info VPNs are Lying About Logs | Restore Privacy personally never use it as i can run fast lol
  7. craigneuk

    IP Vanish

    I started this on the 28/11/2017 but i have being having bother with comp VM been out 3 times since start of November coming back out next week so i am selling the remander of the contract as IP wont refund me all though i kept getting disconnected Looking for £30 for it
  8. J

    VPN Digitbit - any good

    They are doing VPN for 2 pounds a month anyone use them, any good will be installing it on a ZGemma running OpenVPN
  9. johnny bravo

    VPN Best VPN

    hey guys - got a email from virmin that i downloaded a comprighted film today, using Utorrent and piratebay...whats the best vpn you guys use to hide your ip ? ta
  10. alimac

    Zero VPN v4.0.4

    Zero VPN v4.0.4 Requirements: 4.0.3+ Overview: All new designed free VPN, one touch to build a secured network, unblock website or app like Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, YouTube, Skype, watch restricted videos, play blocked games, encrypt all network traffic, protect hotspot data, hide real ip...
  11. C

    Other VPN Waste of Time?

    Anyone know why more and more services ( Prime ) for example now know that I am using a VPN and will not operate as before.?
  12. sargie

    Vpn for iptv on lg tv.

    Hi all. Im just having a play with iptv via "smart iptv app" on my lg tv. I have managed to get it up and running with a 24 hour trial link and its running great over wifi using the latest vm hub. I am thinking of using a vpn for security reasons. Which is the best way to cover myself? Is it...
  13. S

    network drive and vpn

    Im running kodi on a fire tv box and ip vanish. But obviously when vpn is connected i cannot see my network drive. I can see it when no vpn connected. is there a way around it.
  14. alimac

    Private Internet Access dumps Leaseweb

    After finding out about court documents involving leaseweb working with the russian & german police PIA VPN pulled the plug & binned leaseweb as a data center in Germany as from 11/06/2017 As part of our company’s longstanding principles and commitments to privacy, Private Internet Access has...
  15. Z

    VPN Nord VPN issue

    The other day whilst idly browsing, I came across a site urging VPN users to do a DNS leak test. I use Nord VPN and went to dnsleaktest.com (for want of a better suggestion). Upon performing the DNS leak test, it appeared that the IP address I was displaying, was not that being shown by the...