1. L

    Replace USB C port

    Hi guys, not sure what topic to post this under really as it should probably come under electronics maybe. I need to replace a faulty USB C port on a Lenovo M10 TB X605F. Does anyone know any decent UK companies that you can get this type of item from please? Found a couple of websites with...
  2. dar1437

    Ipad USB Drivers

    Evening all. Could someone please point me in the direction of the usb drivers for win7? I've been given an old Ipad that is pinlocked to try and restore, but i can't seem to get the PC or laptop to recognize it? Saying that, the PC and laptop are quite old. I assumed they'd get installed with...
  3. trevortron

    USB bus

    Dyslexic IT technician waits ages for a USB, then three come along at once.