1. chookey

    Controller has lost calibration after update

    Hadn't bothered with the xbox for a little while but fancied a round or 2 of PGA Tour on it. Xbox said there was a 3.6gb update available so I let it do that first. Went to play the game and the accuracy is a mile out. I prefer the 3 click system when playing that game but the lack of accuracy...
  2. bilabonic

    ADVICE - Updating Wooshbuild image ?

    Hi Guy's My Wooshbuild Zgemma H2S has had 'dodgy' audio/narrative for a while now, some channels have no sound, some constant narrative etc... I had this message to fix it - wooshbuild 7 was released last week - this fixes the NAR issue. backup settings update wooshbuild reload settings...
  3. Napster

    Homeplug Homeplugs

    Ok need little advise I have 2 x solo2 with cable tuner plugged in 1 is plugged direct to router and other is homeplugs, the one with home plugs keeps glichig some night really bad the one direct is solid, is this because homeplugs is going via extension lead Cheers